4U 15 Slots Chassis for Industrial Switch
One Chassis can buildup maximal 15 Ring Network

1. Overview

OTK300-415 is 4U high, 15 slots chassis developed for Industrial Switch Line Card installed at Central Office site, the Chassis solution for Industrial Switch Line Card has advantages of High Density and Large Capacity, also with high stability to supports two redundant power supply modules, with 100~240VAC and/or –48VDC input optional. It provides 15 line card slots, With management card, the chassis could provide SNMP management function.

2. Specification

19 inch wide, 4U high

15 line card slots

Support SNMP management with management card installed

Provide 2 power supply module slots, support 1+1 redundant working mode

3. Line Card can be installed in Chassis-use 1-2 Slots 

4. Order Information

OTK300-415 : 4U 15 Slots for Industrial Switch, with 1+1 220VAC Power Supply Redundancy

OTK300-2G2GSM :  Industrial Switch with 1000M Optical Port  (SFP Socket)+ 2 10/100/1000M Electrica

Ethernet Port.  Line Card use 1 slot, support Web and SNMP Management 

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