E1+100M ETH+V.35+RS232+FXO/FXS PDH
Multi-Services, Modular design, SNMP Management,LCD Display

1. Overview

This device is modular structure point-to-point optical transmission equipment with LCD display, uses the FPGA chips and easy to upgrade. The Main board provide 4*100M channel Ethernet data and 2 AUX port which is for transmitting other data such as RS232/RS485/RS422, two optical interface for optional 1+1 auto protection switch (APS).

4 slots of tributary with variant plug-in modules which included 4xE1 channels module, 4xFXO/FXS module and 2x Nx64K V.35 module. The maximum capacity will be up 4 plug-in modules which could be combinations with above modules. The high flexibility, performance, is the best solution for voice/data/video services in existed market.


2. Feature

Provides total 16 E1 transparent transmission capacity ;

With char 16*2 LCD display and SNMP agent inside.

Provide Console manage interface(RS232)

Provice one hotline channel for option;

Provide two SFP fiber interfaces, one as master, the other as slave, insuring uninterrupted service transmission.

The rate of optical port is 155Mbps, transmission range can reach 25KM, 40KM, 60KM, 80KM or 100KM;

Provide two fiber infermface 1+1 protect (APS) function, and ALS (Automatic Laser Shutdown/Reduction) function

Provide 4 slots plug-in modules:

    ---> 4×E1 module (75Ω) / (120Ω)

    ---> 4xFramed E1 module (75Ω) / (120Ω), any timeslot can be set

    ---> 4×FXO/FXS/EM2-4 module

    ---> 2×V.35 (2.048M Fixed speed) module

    ---> 2×V.35 (N*64K N=1-32) module

    ---> 4×RS232/422/485 module

    ---> 4*FE to E1 bridge(wire speed 2.048M) module

Provide 4FE(wire speed 100M)Ethernet channel,support mutual negatiate, Ethernet bandwidth is set on base on multiple of 32K.;

Ethernet port supports full/half duplex, 10M/100M auto-ataptable;

Ethernet port supports VLAN function and has 4 devision mode for user selection;

Ethernet package size support 1916 byte and 4 Ethernet port could be set seperately;

Has complete alarm function and can monitor remote device status;

Supports E1 loop from remote so as to detect and manage device conveniently;

The combination AC220V and DC-48V for redundant


3. Typical Application


4. Order Information




A---4E1 module

B---4 FXO/FXS Telephone module

C---2 V.35 module

D---4 RS232/RS485/RS422 module


Note : There are 4 slots available, each slot can be installed one module

For example, FB600-1A2B3C4D, it’s 4E1+4 FXO/FXS Telephone+ 2 V.35+4 RS232 PDH


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