STM-1 Convergence
126E1 Capacity 64VCG Channel--can connect 64 remote units, Maximal Capacity 126E1, STM-1 Optical Transmission



FB002 is a Gigabit Ethernet aggregator with inverse multiplexing and VLAN TAG function; it provides three gigabit Ethernet interfaces (2 electrical and 1 optical Ethernet interfaces) compliant with IEEE 802.3 series standard and 2 STM-1 interfaces. It can separate the Ethernet data from GE port (the carried VLAN Tag correspond to different VCG channels), encapsulate them into EoPDH signal, and then into SDH signal; in the opposite direction, it can de-map the Ethernet data from E1 signal, then from SDH signal, aggregate them into GE port. Thus, it can achieve the efficient transmission of Ethernet data over SDH network.


FB002 is designed as a modular system, with one 16VCG Ethernet aggregation unit embedded in the mainboard, three 16 VCG Ethernet aggregation units pluggable, and various optional power cards to meet the various application requirements.


FB002 supports 64 VCG channels (each module supports 16 channels) at most, and each VCG channel can be configured to work in single E1 mode or Multi-E1 conversion mode independently, In single E1 conversion mode, each channel bandwidth is one E1; In multi-E1 conversion mode, the maximum bandwidth of each channel is 16 E1, under 1+0 mode (when the two STM-1 interfaces are independent), the 64 VCG share 126 E1.


FB002 can be used in the traffic convergent network, supports point-to-multipoint application; it supports NE management based on simple CLI command via RS232 type; meanwhile, it supports SNMP_V1 and SNMP_V2 protocol, supports network management platform FIVIEW based on C/S architecture, which is easy for device configuration, management and maintenance.


With EoPDH (Ethernet over PDH) technology compliant to ITU-T G.7041, G.7042, G.7043 and G.8040 standards, FB002 can communicate with products from other vendors adopting the same standards


2. Feature

Compact design with 1U height, 19 inch, 255mm depth, and can be installed on standard rack


Optical interface

      ---> Two STM-1 optical interfaces; SFP optical module (LC interface); Hot plugging;

      ---> The line bit rate is 155Mb/s, transmission distance is optional (depend on the SFP optical module);

      ---> SFP MSA(INF-8074i), ITU-T G.695, FC-PI V2.0 standards compliable;

      ---> Provides optical loopback to device side, a great convenience for trouble shooting;

      ---> Supports Automatic Leaser Shutdown(ALS) to protect operators from hurt;

      ---> Supports Remote Power down Detect (RPD) function;


Ethernet interface

      ---> One optical Gigabit Ethernet interface and two electrical Gigabit Ethernet interfaces compliant

             with IEEE802.3 serial standard;

      ---> The electrical gigabit Ethernet interfaces adopt RJ45 connector, support auto-negotiation, which

             can work in 1000M full-duplex, 100M full/half-duplex, 10M full/half-duplex mode;

      ---> The optical gigabit Ethernet interface adopts 1.25G SFP module, which can work in 1000M

             full-duplex mode, transmission distance is optional (depend on the SFP optical module);

      ---> Proprietary technique (patent pending) adopted to prevent Ethernet frames from looping back

             in case of unexpected transmission line loopback;

      ---> Supports unicast, multicast and broadcast frame;

      ---> Supports flow control and broadcast storm filtering control;

      ---> 4K MAC address table, with optional 12s / 300s ageing time configurable, the default is 300s;

      ---> Supports MAC address dynamic learning function;

      ---> Accepts frames with length between 64 and 1552 bytes (otherwise filtering);

      ---> Supports port-based VLAN and IEEE802.1Q tag-based VLAN;

      ---> Provides performance statistic for each Ethernet interface;

      ---> Supports QinQ(Double Tag VLAN);

      ---> Supports link aggregation function;


Timing mode

      --->Tracing from internal timing source, complies with ITU-T G.813 standard;

      ---> Tracing from STM-1 optical line timing source (T11, T12) ;

      ---> Timing sources can be switched over according to alarms, SSM values, frequency offset, and the

             preset priority of the sources, or can be switched over by force directly;


Path Protection

      ---> Supports 1+1 path protection and 1+0 non-protection mode;

      ---> Supports 1+1 path protection with the recovering time less than 50ms;

      ---> Supports automatic protection switch and manually protection switch;


Ethernet encapsulation

      ---> In single E1 mode, it supports GFP-F encapsulation compatible with ITU-T G.7041

             recommendation and HDLC encapsulation compatible with RJ017*, under HDLC encapsulation,

             it supports framed PCM31/ unframed mode;

     ---> In Multi-E1 conversion mode, it supports GFP-F encapsulation;


Communication with remote equipment

      ---> In single E1 mode, it supports communication with the remote FB004/FB005 converter and

             the equipment adopted the same Ethernet encapsulation from other vendor;

      ---> In Multi-E1 conversion mode, it can communicate with the remote FEOP 4-16E1 series ,

             FB003 4-16E1 series converter and the equipment adopted the same Ethernet encapsulation

             from other vendor ;


 Compliant to ITU-T standards

      ---> GFP-F encapsulation , compatible with ITU-T G.7041 recommendation;

      ---> Virtual concatenation (VCAT) and Link Capacity Adjustment Scheme (LCAS) recommendation G.7042;

      ---> Ethernet to nxE1 mapping recommendation G.7043;

      ---> Ethernet to single E1 mapping recommendation G.8040;


 NE Management

      ---> Supports Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), compatible with V1 and V2C protocol;

      ---> Supports FTP protocol and firmware download online without disturbance of existing traffic;

      ---> Supports local management and remote management;

      ---> Monitoring the alarms and status in real-time;


 Supports hot-spare power, the power consumption is less than 20W

      ---> -48V DC single power access;

      ---> -48V DC double power access;

      ---> 220V AC single power access;

      ---> 220V AC double power access;

      ---> -48V DC+220V AC double power access;

*: RJ017 is an Ethernet bridge chip produced by RAD Data Communications, Israel.


3. Typical Application

FB002 supports point-to-multipoint network application; the remote can be 4/8/16E1 Converter equipment, to meet the various bandwidth requirements. Each FB002 supports 126 E1s and 64 VCG channels at most. In the application, the Ethernet service of each remote user can be carried by different VCG channels, each VCG can be assigned to 1~16 E1 flexibility and the total bandwidth of the 64 VCG channels cannot be exceeds 126E1s.

As shown in Figure3-1, with EoPDH and VLAN technology, the remote Ethernet service can be transmitted and converged into the service center (Router) by FB002; FB002 also supports E1 management channel, the remote Ethernet management data can be transmitted by the E1 management channel and then converged into the local FB002, thus all the management information can be controlled by the local NMS.

4.  Order Information

FB002 : 126E1, 64VCG Gigabit Ethernet Convergent Converter, 2GE and 1GX optical Ethernet interfaces,

SNMP Managed, 1U 19”Size Rackable Unit, 220VAC+-48DC Dual Power Supply Redundancy

(Can connect 64 remote units, Maximal Capacity 126E1, STM-1 Optical Transmission )

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